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Thu, Aug. 12th, 2004, 04:53 pm
2 days

it's like a backward countdown.
I wrote much less than I thought I would. So much of this trip has left me breathless. Without words. filled with so much emotion and joy and exhiliration and excitement and and and.....

thank you powers that be for giving me this opportunity. For making all the little pieces that needed to fall into place fall into place.

Getting engaged on the Thames with my best friend watching was amazing. It was more than i have imagined it. That feeling is what joy tastes like, smells like, is.

Standing in front of a Da VInci painting, in front of a Dali painting, in front of a Warhol painting, Discovering artists I have never heard of was brilliant. Was inspiring to the point of silence.

walking these streets, filled with every culture imagineable. Women in burquas, men in dashikis, children wearing yarmulkes and prayer shawls. Hearing a million and one accents and languages. watching the rain.

just perfect.

Sun, Aug. 8th, 2004, 01:47 pm
oy vey

I will need a vacation after this vacation. Which is turning into "Meg learns more about culture than ever before" trip.

I keep taking pictures that I think will tell the story and just don't

I wish I had brought my video camera....maybe then....but probably not

my time is running out....is this fun or what!?!?!! :D

Thu, Aug. 5th, 2004, 05:10 pm
rain rain rain!!!

had an AMAZING downpour yesterday. Got caught in it and got drenched

I've been enjoying myself immensly

saw Stomp again and am making plans to go to Brighton

soon I will update.

Sun, Aug. 1st, 2004, 03:40 pm
Do you KNOW how cheap it is to fly places?


I found tickets to Scotland for £100 round trip. AND to Amsterdam for £120 round trip....Paris and Italy are a little more but may be worth it if we can find cheap hostel...

Meanwhile Joey is still in AZ. His flight was cancelled.

BUt we are having lots of fun without him.

School has been organized from here and I am taking less hours.
I think tomorrow we'll go see the Globe THeatre.

and maybe see Stomp again.

YES I said again. THe other day Sam and I were wandering aimlessly and we passed the theatre where Stomp is and saw that their matinee was in a half hour, we went n to inquire about rush tickets and got two £10 tickets right then and there....AND we could bring our Starbucks in with us!
Stomp was fabulous...it was even cooler that I was watching it in London completely unplanned.

good times

Sat, Jul. 31st, 2004, 01:27 pm
Oh the places I'll go

TOday we venture to the London version of WalMart...
today I shall also

-do my laundry with the funny soap they have here
-contact United
-re-arrange my school schedule
-decide when we're all going to Scotland and price tickets
-figure out where to stay in Scotland
-talk myself out of going to Stonehenge because while it's sacred it's tourist laden and you can't get to close....maybe I'll go to the other spot that is 30 minutes away from it.
-find the church at Rosslyn
-enjoy the amazing weather

that is all

I'm in a lovely mood

Tue, Jul. 27th, 2004, 01:58 pm

It is easy not to update when you don't have ready access to a computer and must climb on the Tube to Paddington (like the bear!) to get to a good internet cafe that doesn't smell like feet. Although there is a nicve one at Earl's Court too.
I'm going through disposable cameras like crazy...but am managing to save money which is superb. I haven't spent any funds in two days, except for buying my week tube pass. This is accomplished by eating at home and just browsing the fabulous souveniers...
So instead of buying them for you I will just tell you what you would be getting if I had disposable funds! (Not everyone is represented because I haven't found good gifts for everyone yet)

Momma would get one of the Queens teapots and teacups...I don't know if the Queen actually used them but it certainly looks like it-not that they look used, just fancy. HRH also has a wicked cool PT Cruiser. Trust me.

Da would get pint glasses from several different pubs with witty names...this could be accomplished but only through stealing and I don't know if I'm up for that....

Zil would get a ton of stuff from The Design Museum...It is an amazing museum, I have yet to go through it but I'll take the BOy when he gets here Sunday.

Juls would get one of the many lovely Pashmina scarves and Sari fabrics they have all around here...and possibly a cute Scottish boy

As for everyone else...tune in when I go window shopping some more...I'm sure I'll find something for everybody!

Thu, Jul. 22nd, 2004, 12:32 pm
THe National Gallery

I have no words to describe how astounding it is to stand in front of a painting done by Da VInci.
The Virgin of the Rocks

it took my breath away. My heart was pounding.
The Gallery was just amazing. We saw Monet's , Van Goh's and paintings by Michaelangelo.

I wish I could have taken a picture of it but I don't think even that could compare to the sheer enormity of standing in front of a canvas painted by a master.

Tue, Jul. 20th, 2004, 04:28 pm
the oddness that is the U.K.

I had my first real fish and chips yesterday!

it was good, except for the peas. They must hate veggies here because they boil them to death, I can hear the screaming of the fresh carrots and peas as they slide into the pot "NO! NO! not overboiling!"

THis internet place we are in smells like feet, I do not reccomend. AT ALL.

it's lovely here, we're hunting for Chinatown tonight and tomorrow Trafalger Square, a secret mission, and THe National Museum where I can see two REAL Da Vincis! Be still my heart.

Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 03:24 pm
3 days seems like a lifetime

I'm already picking up The UNderground...the bus line is a mystery but I'll get it. I had to buy a new umbrella and have spent more than I was expecting...my last few weeks will be tight I'm sure.
I adore it here but I miss home. Had a vicious wave of homesickness last night. I laid in bed at the hostel thinking of all of you and the heat and the way the sky looks during a lightening storm and having the streets laid out in a grid....but waking up this morning to beautiful sun has helped...
Went to THe Ministry of SOund last night...it would have been better with no smoking. But wow it was great. Deafeningly loud....but worth getting lost and spending £15.
At this internet cafe I have had a French perosn, a Spaniard and what looks like (by what they are typing)a Portugese person sitting next to me...it is amazing here.
You know how most people gain wieght on long vacations? Not me. We are walking so much...the streets are perfect walking streets like New York and Boston.
Our hostel is gorgeous and the people who run it are so wonderful. Not only did they take Sam in, but they gave us a private room for half price AND extended our stay at the last minute for cheap. Stay at Acacia hostel or Chelsea House the next time you are in London. Seriously...they are great.
Da' the cell phone is working, I was out last night. I got your message. It's hard not to do a British accent, huh?!?! :D
good times my friends, good times.

Sat, Jul. 17th, 2004, 11:31 am

arrived safely after a LONG flight.

Sam met me at the Underground and thusly we began our adventure!

THings I have learned so far:
-England is damp...ALL the time
-If you ask for it...it very well may be given: for example. At my first hostel we asked if they had an extra bed for SamIam who's hotel stay was done that evening, not only did they get us our own room (for $25 USD each) but we're staying in this gorgeous little hotel...AND they just extended our stay until Tuesday...for the same price (about 1/2 of what they usually charge) lovely!
-Try not to convert Pounds to Dollars...it will only depress you
-wear GOOD shoes. I walked more yesterday than I have in like 6 months
-THe eniglish people are REALLY friendly.
-Our accent is a novelty, not the other way round
-you WILL look the wrong way to cross streets.

:D I am having crazy fun!

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